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MacBook Pro tops on best-performing Windows laptop list

Soluto has ranked a few different brands of Windows laptops based on their performance against trouble and crashes, and here's a fun twist: Apple topped the heap. That's right, on a list of laptops that included Acer and Dell, an Apple MacBook Pro running Windows via Boot Camp got Soluto's be...

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MacTech finds Parallels beating VMWare Fusion again in annual virtualization rundown

MacTech has posted its annual rundown of benchmarks between two of the most popular virtualization solutions out there on the Mac: VMware Fusion 5 and Parallels Desktop 8. Both are of course used to run Windows-compatible software inside of an OS X environment, and especially on the high end IT...

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Apple reverses course on EPEAT environmental standard, eligible products once again included

Apple has posted a letter from retiring senior VP of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield to its website, walking back the company's abandonment of the EPEAT certification for its eligible products. Per the letter: We've recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to...

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Put a whiteboard on your laptop with DrawTop

I love this idea. The DrawTop is a sticker that goes on top of your laptop and basically turns it into a whiteboard surface. The one, ahem, drawback that I can see is you might pretty easily wipe off any designs you happen to have on it just by sliding your laptop into the usual protective case...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy a Windows laptop?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am considering selling my beloved MacBook Pro (15" unibody") and replacing it with, gasp!, a Windows laptop. Please try to convince me otherwise. Or else list me a number of laptops that I may find suitable and not too dissimilar from the 'MacBook look". My budget is £10...

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Intel Ultrabooks must compete with MacBook Air on price, parts suppliers say

Apple is used to setting the standard in the laptop industry. Before Apple eschewed 4:3 screen for 16:9 ones, widescreen laptops were virtually unheard of. The 17" laptop market only exploded after Apple unveiled their first 17" PowerBook G4. And now that Apple's MacBook Airs have become a huge...

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Apple's lithium-polymer battery purchases hindering other manufacturers

Apple supposedly has a lock on the touch panel market, and now it seems the Cupertino company is doing the same thing in the Lithium-polymer battery market. According to Digitimes, Apple has bought up most of the available supply of Lithium-polymer batteries used in notebook computers and mobil...

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MacBooks get highest score in all Consumer Reports categories

According to The Loop, Consumer Reports has rated Apple's MacBook line as the top computer in every laptop category. The 11-inch MacBook Air took the top score for small laptops, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro dominated its category, taking the top five of seven spots. Apple's 15-inch and 17-inch M...

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Could future iPhones charge with the power of the sun?

Mark Spoonauer at LAPTOP got a nice story at CTIA today when he sat down with French company Wysips. The prototype he saw puts a solar panel -- a transparent solar panel, thin enough to work with touchscreens -- directly atop the screen of a phone, and with enough oomph to charge the phone with li...

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Online Apple Store adds one-click "popular configurations" option

Just in time for those holiday orders, there's been a small change in the online Apple Store's build-to-order pages for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Dave "Eagle-Eye" Caolo spotted the addition of new one-click BTO configurations, which include free express shipping. The new one-click b...

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Sandy Bridge GPU may suffice for low-end Apple laptops, processor could show up sooner than expected

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the first round of Sandy Bridge-powered PC laptops is about to hit the market. Intel's new chip architecture is intended to provide a major boost in power for mobile and desktop machines, but there's been some concern about the integrated GPU on these devices w...

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Pretty but pricey: Hands-on with the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand

Question: What's a quarter-inch thick when folded, weighs a scant 5.5 ounces, yet can support a 17" MacBook Pro? Answer: The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand. When I first heard about this lightweight laptop stand, my first thought was that it was going to be flimsy and incapable of holding up an i...

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How To: Add contact information to your Mac's login screen

If you believe in the kindness of strangers, this tip might be for you. Most laptop users fear that their computer will be lost or stolen. Assuming that the right sort of person finds your laptop, however, they might be willing to return it to its rightful owner, if they knew how to contact you. It...

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Twelve things to do with an old Apple computer

As I type this article on my MacBook Pro, I can't help but glance over at my poor PowerBook Lombard G3 with its awesome translucent bronze keyboard, sitting in its dusty laptop bag. The battery is long toast. When I last booted it up, the clock thought that the system time was close to 1970 thanks t...

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iPad hands-on: Not a full desktop replacement, but the keyboard works

For all of the back and forth about the iPad over the last week, only a handful of people (including Stephen Colbert) have gotten to actually touch one. Fox News, of all the outlets out there, posted a pretty clean and objective hands-on with the iPad earlier this week, and you can get a pretty good...

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