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Why native USB 3.0 for Mac won't happen

Mac Life has put together an interesting article on why we probably won't see USB 3.0 natively on the Mac. It's worth a read, but the long and short of it is this: Light Peak -- the ultra fast 10 Gbps, one size fits all (USB, Ethernet, FireWire, SATA and PCI Express) optical cable replacement that's...

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Hands-on with Magic Cube Bluetooth portable laser keyboard

The tech in laser-based keyboards has been around for a while, and when we first saw them we thought, "the future is here!" because what could be cooler than having a laser keyboard on any flat surface? I'll suggest something cooler: a keyboard that works. I spotted the Magic Cube from Celluon at C...

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University of Oregon shows off engraved MacBook Pros

I've always been jealous of the folks who get free laptops from their work or school (back when I was in school, I used a paper notebook and a pen and liked it!), but I'm especially jealous of the folks from the University of Oregon's Center for Student Athletes, who not only get some sweet MacBook...

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Is Apple behind the development of Intel's Light Peak?

If the relationship between Apple and Mac CPU provider Intel was any closer, the two companies might have to start labeling their record collections and discussing whether to keep the wagon wheel table. In an intriguing technology demonstration last week, it was pointed out that the in-development I...

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New head-mounted laser display patent surfaces

A new Apple patent showing a head-mounted laser display surfaced today. The patent, which looks like a rather odd pair of sun glasses, would allow you to view video (or your Mac's screen) in a manner similar to the MyVu products. This patent also includes a geeky looking device that attaches to th...

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A few laser etched Macs to ring out 2007

I have no problem admitting that I'm a sucker for a cool laser etched piece of tech. Our friends over at DVICE have gathered up a few great examples of what a laser can do to spiffy up your Apple product of choice (interestingly 8 out of 9 laptops in the post are Macs with the exception of an HP wi...

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Laser etching the iPhone

It takes a braver man than I to put a brand new iPhone directly in the beam of a powerful laser (Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. iPhone, I expect you to die-cut), but that's exactly what the Make blog did. They etched some old school flying toasters right there on the back, and they ended up comi...

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