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Laser etching the iPhone

It takes a braver man than I to put a brand new iPhone directly in the beam of a powerful laser (Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. iPhone, I expect you to die-cut), but that's exactly what the Make blog did. They etched some old school flying toasters right there on the back, and they ended up comi...

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Found Footage: Laser etching a PowerBook

Gina over at Lifehacker got her PowerBook etched with a Celtic knot, and she had the wherewithal to capture the process with her cameraphone. The video isn't that great, but head on over to Lifehacker to check out some photos of the finished product....

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More laser etched Powerbooks

Philip Torrone is at it again. 3 more Powerbooks have received the laser etching treatment (read about the first one he did, or get yours done by ETCHamac). This time the Powerbooks get a NeXT logo, a bunny in a tsunami, and some tasteful blossom branches. I really want to get this done to my Power...

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