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Hands on: AirPlay for audio streaming in depth

My colleague Mike Rose has already taken a long look at video streaming via AirPlay and found it a rather mixed bag. Although it works well as far as it goes, it doesn't support non-Apple apps -- even video streaming ones such as Netflix -- and can't even manage to stream video footage shot on an iP...

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Shazam adds Last.FM integration to iPhone apps

Shazam is one of my favorite iPhone apps, and it was one of the first I downloaded from the App Store. Every time I'm in a store or listening to the radio and hear a song I like but don't know, I let Shazam listen. The free version is still in the store, but just recently they've also released Shaza...

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Shazam picking up investors, boasts 50 million users

Shazam is one of the first apps I actually used in context on the iPhone, and while we haven't heard much about the app since it debuted way back in the early days of the App Store, apparently the company itself has been blowing up, thanks to the free app. They've picked up a nice round of investmen...

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MobileScrobbler hits milestone updates

Scott hasn't found any reason to jailbreak his iPhone yet, but one of the jailbreak apps that readers suggested would make it worth it was MobileScrobbler, and now Sam Steele has dropped us a note that he's updated the iPhone's Last.fm client to a 1.2.0 release. There are a number of neat features, ...

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