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New iBooks Author supports LaTeX and MathML

LaTeX is document markup system (similar to the popular Markdown) that's popular among high-level academia and mathematics authors. iBooks Author 2, which was released during Apple's big event, now supports the LaTeX protocol. It works through the MathML markup language, which a lot of educatio...

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Using LaTeXiT to display math formulas

TeX is a typesetting standard that, among other things, allows you to typeset complex math formulas. One flavor of Tex is LaTeX, for which LaTeXiT serves as a front-end for on Mac OS X. Using LaTeXiT, one can drag and drop complex math formulas to a number of apps -- Pages, Keynote and TextEdit, to ...

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Keep iPhone clean with iPhone Fingers

Wait, this is a joke, right? Our friends at Engadget reported on this crazy product with plenty of snark, but no actual "haha we're kidding this isn't really real" hints. So is it true? Can you really buy black latex "fingers" to keep from getting smudges on your iPhone? And if so, what's up with t...

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