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Settlement may have been reached in missing iPhone 4S case

Remember that missing iPhone 4S that was allegedly lost at the Cava 22 lounge and tracked to a residence in San Francisco? The home was possibly searched illegally by Apple security and the home's owner, Sergio Calderon, threatened to sue. It appears the whole debacle may have been settled ou...

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Apple accused of selling refurbished iPhones as new in China

Apple may be facing yet another lawsuit, but this one does not involve patents or location-sharing. The Cupertino company is being sued by six Beijing residents who claim Apple sold them a refurbished iPhone as new. These six customers bought their phones at both Apple Stores and at authorize...

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Apple's chief patent lawyer Richard Lutton Jr. to leave the company

Apple's Chief Patent lawyer will soon leave the company according to a report from Reuters. The reasons for the departure of Richard "Chip" Lutton Junior during a time of escalated legal battles over patent infringement is not known. B.J. Watrous, former deputy general counsel at Hewlett-Packar...

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$1,000 bar exam prep BarMax app now available on iPad

BarMax, the US$1000 iPhone app to help law students pass the bar exam, has made its way to the iPad. The California edition of the popular bar exam prep software is now available on the App Store. BarMax for the iPad is designed to take advantage of the larger screen real estate of the iPad by offe...

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BarMax offers bar prep on the iPhone for $1000

News is going around about yet another expensive app bucking the trend on the App Store, but here's the twist: this one actually has a good reason for such a high price. BarMax CA [iTunes link] is an app currently out that costs $999.99 -- that's right, while most developers are haggling with custom...

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Psystar's lawyer: Psystar not done yet

Last night on the Talkcast, we talked about the big news last week that Psystar seemed to be down for the count, and the consensus was that we'd heard the last of them. But not so fast: their lawyer now says that they're not calling it quits just yet. The company that has gotten pummeled by Apple f...

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5 Apps for the lawyer

It's official. The iPhone has come into its own in the legal world. It took a little time, and lawyers are notorious Luddites (you can pry the WordPerfect out of their cold, dead hands) but they do like Bright Shiny Objects, and nothing fills the lapel pocket like an iPhone. The iPhone finally cr...

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Daniel Cooperman joins Apple as new General Counsel

Daniel Cooperman, formerly of Oracle, has joined Apple as its new Senior VP, General Counsel and Secretary. He reports directly to the Steve. Due to start his new job on November 1st, Cooperman replaces Donald J Rosenberg, who is leaving the company. Apple's glowing press release tells us that Coope...

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