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Sony lays off 16,000; will close factories

Sony announced today it plans to lay off 16,000 workers, close a handful of factories and reduce electronics investment by a third, as their comeback effort falls apart. Sony is both Apple's competitor in the mobile phone market and their partner for computer components, including batteries. "Five o...

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Adobe trimming Expo budget, 600 jobs [updated]

Macworld notes today that Adobe won't have a booth at Macworld Expo, but will still be offering training sessions at the conference. Traditionally, Adobe's booth has been a major presence on the show floor. The bad news might not end there: A tipster with purported connections inside Adobe told us ...

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Apple cuts 30% of sales force in Taiwan

It sounds like Apple's products aren't making as much of a splash in Taiwan as other parts of the world, as Apple has just cut 30% of its sales workforce there. The former managing director of Apple Taiwan, Kong Yuk-loong, called it quits at the end of June, with a slew of managers and executive fol...

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