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FileMaker lays off 20 employees after discontinuing Bento

Apple-owned FileMaker, Inc. has sadly laid off 20 employees following the discontinuation of its Bento software last week, reports AppleInsider. The layoffs come after FileMaker released a statement noting that the company was discontinuing its Bento database software in favor of focusing on FileM...

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Zynga closes OMGPOP, the creators of Draw Something

Zynga announced yesterday that it was laying off about 18 percent of its work staff, or about 520 employees, which is bad news for any company. But it turns out that this set of folks includes most of the crew of OMGPOP, the company Zynga acquired for its uber-popular app Draw Something last yea...

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Zynga lays off 18% of mobile and social staff

Zynga has announced it will be laying off 18 percent of their mobile and social staff, around 520 people. The company cites stabilizing finances for the mass firing. According to Zynga's official announcement laid off employees will be receiving severance packages. In their official statement, CE...

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Layers released for iPad

When I was at the Apple Store on Tuesday test driving an iPad, the girl next to me with her parents was asking about drawing programs she could use. I immediately suggested Layers to them, which we initially reviewed last summer. There are several excellent drawing programs for the iPhone, but Layer...

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Adobe layoffs strike home, 680 to lose jobs

TechCrunch, among other news outlets, reports that Adobe is cutting 680 employees as part of a restructuring plan. This is roughly 9 percent of the company's workforce. The news comes on the heels of Electronic Arts' decision to layoff 1,500 workers and a reduction of 600 from Adobe back in December...

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Adobe trimming Expo budget, 600 jobs [updated]

Macworld notes today that Adobe won't have a booth at Macworld Expo, but will still be offering training sessions at the conference. Traditionally, Adobe's booth has been a major presence on the show floor. The bad news might not end there: A tipster with purported connections inside Adobe told us ...

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Get laid off, give back the iPod says National Semiconductor

Remember a few weeks ago we wrote about National Semiconductor raking in the dough and handing out iPods to all their employees? Well, it looks like those iPods weren't a reward after all, but rather company equipment. National Semiconductor laid off 35 factory workers, which is odd given their huge...

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