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Walter Isaacson on the leadership of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson, the author who wrote the Steve Jobs biography, penned a recent column for the Harvard Business Review focusing on the traits that made Jobs an excellent business leader. Isaacson spent many hours with the Apple CEO while writing this book and uses the insights he obtained to ...

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Tim Cook: my first-person impression of Apple's new CEO

After yesterday's news, I was originally going to title this post "Relax. Apple's new CEO Tim Cook is gonna do just fine." I was going to push back on the conventional wisdom that nobody can lead Apple as Steve Jobs has with facts about how Tim Cook has stepped in multiple times to help Apple...

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Jobs to spend more time at Apple

Steve Jobs told shareholders this week that, in light of Disney's acquisition of Pixar, he would actually be spending more time at Apple, in part because he'll be relinquishing his CEO position at Pixar in a couple of weeks once the merger finishes. Many have been speculating that Mr. Jobs would be ...

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