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How to photograph a leaked Apple product

So you got your hands on an unreleased Apple product -- maybe even a prototype (oooooooh, yummy) -- and you want to let the whole damn world know about it? Good news! There's a tool that people like you often use to share their good fortune with the rest of the world, and it's called "The Intern...

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The costly gamble of designing iOS cases based on rumors

Bloomberg's Businessweek has a nice writeup on one of the shadier practices around a new Apple launch like the iPhone 4S this week: case manufacturers building their entire product lines off of leaked or sometimes illicitly obtained information. Businessweek profiles Tim Hickman of Hard Candy C...

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Verizon data plans leaked, unlimited users will be grandfathered in

Android Central says it's nabbed an official document laying out the brand new Verizon data plans that are scheduled to take effect next month, and there's good news for those of you currently using an iPhone on Verizon with an unlimited plan: it looks like you'll be grandfathered in. We were...

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Pioneer registers with the FCC for AppRadio

It seems like just the other day we were chatting with Pioneer about its interfaces for iPhones in the car, and sure enough, it seems the company has plans for even more integration between its in-car units and Apple's smartphone. A filing with the FCC has revealed something Pioneer is calling ...

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Rumor: Fourth gen iPod touch to include Facetime camera

Is the above picture of the fourth generation iPod touch's faceplate? MacRumors thinks so -- they say they got the pictures from an iPhone parts supplier, who claims it's what you'll see on the front of the newest iPod touch. And of course right there on the right side of the case (which would be o...

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iPad games leak out, include Plants vs. Zombies HD and Worms HD

Whoops -- somebody at Apple accidentally jumped the gun on sending a few iPad titles to the App Store. A few HD titles have snuck into iTunes' web interface a little early, and while we already knew that some of them were on the way to the iPad (Flight Control HD has already been announced, and NBA...

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Purported pics of next-gen iPhone front face surface

iResQ, the iPhone/iPod repair site, has posted pics of what they claim is the front faceplate of the next-gen iPhone. Two things about this piece of hardware are particularly interesting. First, the part is approximately 1/4 of an inch taller than the iPhone 3GS, indicative of a slightly taller form...

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"Leaked" iPhone images show video chatting, slimmer iPhone?

Late last night, several rumor websites, including CrunchGear, reported that they had received copies of "leaked" iPhone advertisements. These ads depict matte black and Product (Red) iPhones. Most of the sites that were sent these images are calling them fakes, including our own Engadget. There ...

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Even more supposed 3G iPhone shots

Engadget continues to do their part in fueling the fire of rumors that we'll see a second edition of the iPhone this summer. First they supposedly touched it themselves, then they nabbed some shape and spec hints, and now they've got yet another set of "leaked" photos, from a Chinese phone forum. ...

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Leopard screensaver, Help menu video leaked

When I posted the new System Preferences pane in Leopard earlier this week, I was a little disappointed to see that while the desktop had changed (here it is online, if you want to make it your own already-- thanks, Ryan D!), the screensaver had not. I figured this is because Apple wasn't bringing ...

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More juicy in-depth Leopard screenshots of Spaces, Mail, Safari and more

At this point it seems like these websites are placing bets between each other to see who can get closest to an NDA violation without actually getting nailed with one. HardMac has posted the latest set of (non-blurry, properly grabbed) screenshots of some hitherto unforeseen areas of Mac OS X 10.5 L...

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