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Tag: leather

Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet: Carry it all without the bulk

The Bison is an amazing animal that evokes the old West. Rugged, independent, and able to withstand weather extremes without blinking, they roam the new West in herds that are growing each year after being hunted almost to extinction in the late 1800s. It's fitting that Bison Made, LLC chose the b...

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Waterfield Designs Cycling Ride Pouch: Take your iPhone along for the ride

Cyclists love to pack minimally, but for even a casual ride it's important to have spare tubes, tire irons, repair kits, a pump, and even your iPhone along. Waterfield Designs teamed up with cycling gear designer Eleven Vélo to produce the perfect pouch for all that equipment, and it fits e...

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Waterfield Designs Rough Rider leather messenger bag: Review and giveaway (Updated)

Over the past year or so, we've seen a trend emerging from high-end laptop bag manufacturers like Waterfield Designs and Pad & Quill -- use of leather as a primary material in their products. This not only provides a beautiful finish to the products, but also ensure that your purchase of a qua...

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Pad & Quill's beautiful, functional iPhone 5/5s wallet cases (Updated)

Whenever I open a package from Minnesota-based Pad & Quill, it's always a pleasure. While I'm not sure that every order from P&Q is hand-wrapped in brown paper and sealed with a red wax seal, it heightens the anticipation of wondering what's inside the package. This week the surprise was a...

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Truffol's iPhone 5 cases prove that luxury doesn't need to mean expensive

I've probably seen every iPhone case in the world at one point or another. For every ten or twenty low-cost plastic cases I see, I might see a single luxury case. These cases are different from the rest, often showing better workmanship, materials like wood, leather, and steel, and a higher price ...

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Mapicases Orion for iPad: Elegant leather, amazing flexibility

Most of the cases that we receive at TUAW Labs fall into one of two categories: those that use plastic and silicone to create an ultra-protective shell, and those that use more natural materials like cloth or leather to provide style and a modicum of protection. The Mapicases Orion Leather Smar...

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Element Case's Ronin iPhone 5 case: Wood, metal, leather, beautiful

I'm not going to spoil an upcoming review of the new Element Case Ronin iPhone 5 case by saying too much other than to say that information about this gorgeous US$199.95 hand-crafted case will be available tomorrow on the Element Case website. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this luscious p...

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Happy Owl Studio Briefcase for MacBook Air is a stunning accessory

A while back, I met with two of the Colorado-based partners involved in Happy Owl Studio -- Devon Read and Ryan Jordan. We were talking about some of their other products, including the Wallet and Clutch for iPad and the Cashbox iPad cash register, when a beautiful leather briefcase caught my e...

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Germanmade handmade wood and leather g.2 iPad-Case for iPad 2

Most premium iPad cases are pretty similar. Some are bags, some flips cases, some sleeves -- Germanmade has done something a bit different with their book-style case. Construction and design Made from leather stretched over veneer, the case has a uniquely organic feel. From the outside it...

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Joli Original: the perfect iPad sleeve

My long search for the perfect iPad sleeve has come to an end. That's because I've found the Joli iPad sleeve. And it's a sleeve I'll use as long as I own my iPad 2. The Joli iPad sleeve is handmade, which probably accounts for its excellent quality. The sleeve is made by the Amsterdam-based ar...

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Griffin Elan Passport folio for iPad 2: Classy and practical protection

It's no secret that I have a thing for leather ... leather iPad cases, that is. I like the feel, the aroma, and the warmth that seems to come with natural leather. Griffin Technology has added a new folio case for the iPad 2 to its lineup of protection products. The Elan Passport (US$49.95) is ...

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Hex Code Wallet for iPhone 4 raises the stakes in battle of the leather wallet cases

A few weeks ago, my love for natural leather products was piqued when design shop Twelve South shipped the BookBook for iPhone 4. While the BookBook wallet case is beautiful with its distressed leather and embossed book cover appearance, I had some issues with the wallet part of the case -- bas...

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TwelveSouth BookBook for iPhone: Wallet and case in one little leather-bound book

I'm always intrigued when TwelveSouth's Andrew Green sends me an email telling me that something new is coming out. Sure enough, he warned me yesterday that something very cool was in the works, and this morning an email arrived touting the new BookBook for iPhone (US$59.99). By early this afte...

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Vintcase: An iPad case Indiana Jones would want to own

Here at TUAW, we see an endless parade of iPad and iPhone cases. I mean, seriously -- if I see another carbon copy plastic or silicone case for an iPad, I may toss my breakfast. So when someone sends me something a bit out of the ordinary, I'll usually take notice. That was the situation when I rec...

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Vaja introduces new iPhone 4 cases

Yes, you're getting a bumper for free, but why not wrap your iPhone 4 in something a little more stylish and original? Vaja has released a line of its great premium leather gadget cases for the iPhone 4 -- I love these things, as they're made out of high-quality premium leather, and add an extra li...

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