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Court upholds Apple victory in Cover Flow, Spotlight, Time Machine patents

An appeals court in Washington has upheld a recent Apple victory on a number of different patents for features in the OS X operating system, including things like Cover Flow, Spotlight search and Time Machine. A company called Mirror Worlds is trying to get a judgment that Apple infringed on it...

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HTC sues Apple over patents

HTC has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming patent infringement on three different patents the company obtained in 2008 and 2009. We don't have a lot of information on what patents these are or what HTC believes the infringement to be, but stay tuned -- as soon as we get a hold of the legal...

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Atari, EA and others push court to accept Apple's request against Lodsys

Lodsys filed suit earlier this year against a number of third-party App Store developers, claiming that it owned patents covering a number of functions used by Apple's app marketplace, and that by using that store, these third-party devs were in violation of these patents. Apple, however, came ...

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Apple C&Ds Gawker over bounty on tablet info

Yesterday, as you might have heard, the blog Valleywag offered up a total of $100,000 in prize money for information on the rumored Apple tablet. They posted on their site that they were offering bounties for pictures, information, or eventually a full $100,000 for a hands on of the currently unann...

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Is it legal to unlock your iPhone?

Just in case you missed it, Engadget did a nice little analysis of whether it's legal to unlock your iPhone or not-- a more and more pertinent question as we get closer and closer to having unlocking solutions become available. In short, it is legal... mostly. The main questions of legality lie arou...

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