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Legendary Wars updated to version 2.0

Legendary Wars is a favorite around here. It's an app put together by developer Orian Livnat and his team, and while he's gone on to work on some other projects, Legendary Wars is still a great example of some talented developers just polishing a great, original idea until it shines. And now ...

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Liv Games releases Monster Wars on iOS at Macworld | iWorld 2012

I first met Liv Games' Orian Livnat at last year's Macworld, where he showed me a wild game called Legendary Wars that mashed up a number of different genres and ideas in a mix created by Livnat and his family and friends. At the time I thought the game was a really interesting idea, but even I di...

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A few apps on sale for St. Patrick's Day

Erin go bragh-se the App Store today, because there are a few cheap games out there for the holiday! Real-time strategy/action mashup Legendary Wars (as seen back at Macworld) is on sale for just 99 cents. Stoneship (another Daily App choice) is also on sale for just 99 cents, as is th...

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TUAW's Daily App: Legendary Wars

I got to see Legendary Wars at Macworld last week, and it's a fun title. It has a good mix of many different game genres and a lot of solid game content to explore. At its core, Legendary Wars is a fantasy-based real-time strategy game, but there's a Plants vs. Zombies feel to it as you summon vari...

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