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The Apple Super Bowl commercial that flopped

Most people are likely familiar with Apple's famous "1984" ad, largely upheld as one of the best commercials of all time. But much more obscure is Apple's follow up commercial for the 1985 Super Bowl, an advert dubbed "Lemmings." Apple's "Lemmings" ad touted Macintosh Office, a product primed to ...

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Spirits out on Mac App Store now

Spirits is a really amazing title that original came out on iOS last year: It's sort of a Lemmings clone, though the art style and the game's floaty physics mechanics really add a lot of great new elements to that old classic. Now, Spaces of Play has brought the game to the Mac App Store, so if yo...

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Lemmings-like Spirits for iPad out now

Spirits for iPad, which I saw and played back at Indiecade this year, is out now on the App Store. The game is US$4.99, but as a premium iPad experience, it's worth it. The whole thing is extremely relaxing, and the art style is quite well done. If you enjoy Lemmings-style puzzle gameplay where you...

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Comedy Central mutes "eyePhone" Futurama parody

If you saw Thursday night's new episode of Matt Groening's Futurama on Comedy Central (and let's take a moment to relish those beautiful words, 'new episode of Futurama' -- mmm, yes), you got an earful of biting satire focused on the enthusiasm of a certain company's customers and their appetite ...

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Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets C&D

Developer Aaron Ardiri pulled off the crazy feat last week of porting the classic Lemmings game from Palm OS not only to the iPhone, but also to Windows and the Mac ... in just 36 hours. That's 36 hours straight -- he liveblogged the whole process, and did actually pull it off, sending the iPhone...

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Rolando: A different iPhone game

Here we go. You guys sounded really jaded on the comments for the kart racing game, so here's an iPhone game that might actually break some new ground. It's called Rolando -- Simon Oliver is the developer, and he sent us a tip and the trailer above, and if you're looking for some fun and innovation...

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