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Mobi-Lens clip-on lenses deserve your Kickstarter love

OK, TUAW readers. It's time to once again prove that Kickstarter works to get some really cool projects off the ground. In this case, it's an accessory lens setup for mobile devices. Yeah, we've seen them before -- but they're usually set up with some sort of case that only works with one kind ...

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New iPad 1080p camera put to the test with prototype Padcaster rig

Filmmakers Josh Apter and Peter Olsen like to tackle new technology as soon as they can get their hands on it -- but they don't really have a choice in the matter. As the proprietor of NYC's Manhattan Edit Workshop, Josh is obligated to get ahead of the curve so that his stable of trainers and ...

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GoPano 360 degree camera with new app updates, case at CES

We originally took a look at the GoPano lens attachment from EyeSee360 last year when it was released -- the lens sits on the back of your iPhone, and allows you to take a full 360 degree picture with a free iPhone app. Since the project went live (it was funded by Kickstarter), EyeSee360 tells...

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The Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone camera attachment: a cool iPhoneography accessory

Earlier my colleague Steve wrote about the US$249 Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial, an iPhone accessory that gives iPhone photographers access to an array of three camera lenses on rotating dial. For those of you who like the ability to add lenses to your iPhone, but don't like the $249 price, I reco...

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Photojojo provides a convenient telephoto lens for iPhone

The iPhone makes a great at-the-ready camera. Those of us appropriately sidearmed with an iPhone usually keep it easy to grab, which makes it the perfect device to yank from our pocket and snap a few pictures. And while the digital zoom is an awesome feature, it has limitations, and usually ends up ...

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Photojojo has real camera lenses available for your iPhone

I love the camera on the iPhone 4, but I've always disliked digital zoom and do whatever I can to avoid using it. Photojojo has responded to my inner camera snob with two glass lenses that can be attached to the phone via a magnetic ring. You can always rig an existing camera lens to your phone, ...

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Sure, you can take the commercial approach and just buy a telephoto lens for your iPhone, or hack together a macro lens, but if you're looking to combine the two into a hacked-up telephoto lens held together with a heaping of duct tape, look no further. Bhautik Joshi created the Phone-O-Scope as an...

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New iPhone products from Griffin Technology

Those inventive dudes at Griffin Technology have come up with two new products for iPhones. The AirCurve for iPhone and iPhone 3G is a really cool idea -- an amplifier that uses no power adapters or batteries. Instead, it amplifies the sound from the iPhone's speaker using a coiled waveguide (think ...

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What camera is in the iPhone?

Everyone is speculating about what makes the iPhone tick, but one person is wondering about a feature Steve mentioned but didn't demo: the camera. Al-Manazir is trying to figure out what lens is being used in the iPhone, and with some impressive deductive reasoning has has narrowed it down to Micro...

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