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Apple issues Security Update 2011-004 for Leopard Server

Apple has issued Security Update 2011-004 for Leopard Server. The hefty 499.8 MB download is available via Software Update or through Apple's support downloads site. Per Apple policy, the details of the security release were not released. ...

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Ask TUAW: Bypass the registration screen, install Leopard Server on the new Mac Mini, iPhone 2G AppleCare options and more

Once again, it's time for another edition of Ask TUAW: the place where we try to answer all of your Mac and Apple-related questions. This week we're taking questions about bypassing the Apple registration screen, installing Leopard Server on the latest Mac Mini, AppleCare for iPhone version 1.0 and ...

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Parallels Server for Mac available now

In October, when Apple introduced a change in policy allowing Leopard Server to run in a virtual environment on Apple hardware, Mac IT geeks everywhere looked forward to the day that they could run Windows Server, Linux and OS X Server all off their pretty Xserves. That day is today, because Paralle...

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Media Temple launches beta for VPS running on Leopard Server

Teaming with Parallels, Media Temple has just announced the start of private-beta period for its latest (mt) Labs offering, the (xv) Xserve-Virtual -- which they are dubbing "the world's first VPS Leopard Server." Although virtual servers running Linux or Windows are pretty standard hosting options,...

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Apple posts podcast on Leopard Server

Here's something for all you IT pros out there. Apple has released a video podcast that offers a quick tour of Mac OS X Leopard Server [iTunes link]. There are two episodes available now; "Setup and Administration" and "Managing Your Server." Each features a screencast walk-through of some basic ta...

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Apple launches Xsan 2

In addition to dropping the price on the Shuffle (and introducing the 2 GB version), today's big Apple store update appears to be the launch of Xsan 2. Xsan is Apple's Storage Area Network (SAN) file system, and while this update isn't as sexy as a new consumer laptop update, it's still pretty cool....

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Leopard Server details posted

With all the excitement over the Leopard client, we neglected to mention that Leopard Server will also be shipping on October 26th. Apple has updated the Leopard server website with lots of details including: iCal Server - Let's you share calendars across the enterprise. Wiki Server - All abo...

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Ruby on Rails included with Leopard server

Most of the talk about Leopard server is taking place behind closed doors at WWDC this year, which makes sense since most consumers don't give a flying service about the server edition of OS X. Be that as it may, the Ruby on Rails guys (that is the hip, new Web 2.0 framework for building web apps) w...

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Widget Watch: Leopard server monitor

Steve didn't make any note of Leopard server in his Keynote, which is a little sad. I can imagine all the engineers who work on the server OS waiting, hoping that Steve would note all the cool new features. Sadly, they were out of luck but unlike Steve I will mention one of the new features, namely...

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