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Tim Cook apologizes to iOS 6 Maps users

The "letter from the CEO" tradition at Apple has continued into the Tim Cook era, as Apple's chief executive has released a letter to customers regarding the ongoing iOS 6 Maps issues. While the challenges and shortcomings of Maps have been obvious to most (with a few notable exceptions), Cook'...

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Jobs reassures Apple investors

With Apple's stock plummeting from just shy of $200 to $130.01, as of closing today; AppleInsider is claiming to have gotten a copy of Steve Jobs' letter to investors that he issued last week. In the letter, Jobs urged investors to "Hang in there." "Wow... what a remarkable last few days," Jobs sai...

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An Open Letter From Yellow to Apple

Apple has historically been - and to a certain point sill is - a pretty darn colorful company. True, Jobs and Ive seem to prefer to stick to grayscale for their flagship products (iMac, iPod, MacPro, MacBook/Pro, mini, etc), there is always a dash of color to be found somewhere in the Apple product ...

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Open letter to Mozilla: Where Firefox goes wrong on OS X

Firefox, inarguably, is one of the coolest browsers available and a necessity if you're using Windows. On OS X however, I've been on the fence during Firefox's existence as there are a number of ways that Firefox and Mozilla have gone wrong and ruined the browser's user experience. First up is Mozil...

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