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WSJ profiles Letterpress creator Loren Brichter, the 'high priest of app design'

Here at TUAW, we're big fans of Loren Brichter, the app developer behind Tweetie (which eventually became the official Twitter app) and the great word game Letterpress. But the Wall Street Journal appears to have just discovered the dev -- in a profile that appeared over the weekend, the paper ...

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Daily iPhone App: Quento is a spelling game, but with math

Quento was recommended to me just recently by someone I met at Macworld or 360iDev, and unfortunately, I don't remember who told me about it. But the recommendation was great, and now I'm passing it on to you. As you can see above, Quento is a math-based puzzle game, where you use a grid of num...

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Apple announces the App Store's Best of 2012

Apple has posted its top picks for the entire year of 2012 in the App Store, and you can browse through all of the choices right now. On the iPhone, Action Movie FX has picked up the App of the Year award, and Ubisoft's Rayman Jungle Run has earned game of the year, with music app Figure and so...

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Loren Brichter and the future of iOS apps

GigaOM had a wonderful post about Loren Brichter yesterday. In case you're scratching your head and saying "Who is Loren Brichter?", you may have seen some of his work without even knowing it. Brichter is a 28 year-old developer and designer -- and the only employee of Atebits -- who worked f...

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atebits releases Letterpress for iPhone

With the release of Letterpress today for the iPhone and iPad, dictionary divers will have yet another word game where they can show off their skills. Letterpress is the new project from atebits, Loren (Tweetie) Brichter's development shop. The game takes place on a seemingly randomly generated ...

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