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Macworld Expo 2011: SuperSync sticks with what it knows

SuperSync had a nice booth at last week's Macworld Expo 2011 conference. In addition to a demo of the software on our livestream, we also chatted with the developer about how SuperSync (which allows you to share and view multiple iTunes libraries across PCs and platforms) was doing lately. The most...

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Rumors: Apple working on iTunes controller for iPhone

An anonymous tipster tells TUAW that according to code found in the latest firmware release, Apple is working on a new iPhone application called iControl. Like Apple TV and other remote controllers, it would allow the iPhone to connect wirelessly to local iTunes libraries and browse through and ...

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iPhoto Library Manager 3.3 brings iPhoto '08 compatibility, more

Whether you have a good reason for wanting to maintain more than one iPhoto library or your collection simply became un-browsable long ago, Brian Webster's iPhoto Library Manager is your answer. This slick little utility was mentioned briefly in an Ask TUAW back in May, but to summarize: iPhoto L...

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Scrobblepod hooks your iPod up with Last.fm

I haven't gotten into social music database Last.fm much, mostly (I'm ashamed to say) because I'm worried about some of my musical guilty pleasures being browsable by the Internet audience at large. Also, because I listen to my music in all kinds of ways, not just simply through iTunes. One of tho...

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Add music to auto-synced iPods from any Mac (photos and videos, too)

At last, the chains that bind an auto-synced iPod have been broken; or at least, this is the first time I've heard of such a simple hint for adding music (and possibly photos and video) to an iPod already bound to another computer's library. Mac OS X Hints has a surprisingly simple tip for accomplis...

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Access iPhoto and iTunes libraries with a simple Automator action

You could also file this under "fantastic Automator actions that Apple should've advertised when Tiger was being released." A post at macosxhints has discovered a simple Automator action you can use to open panel containing your entire iPhoto or iTunes library (pictured), complete with alb...

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Libraries loaning out iPods and cataloging iTunes

Playlist's Mathew Honan has penned an interesting article about more and more libraries turning to iTunes and iPods for a number of reasons. While this topic has been covered fairly heavily, Mathew's article takes a new angle: DRM. You see, libraries have to serve two masters: the public that wants ...

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iPod.iTunes offers song and playlist synchronizing

Now here's a novel idea: keeping songs and playlists synchronized between Macs. While it's possible to do it manually, or with jury-rigging your favorite backup system, I really think Apple should offer a far better, OS X-injected way of doing this. Enter iPod.iTunes, an app that tries to fill this ...

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