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White House announces support for unlocking cell phones

A petition on the White House's website to work for a new law universally allowing the unlocking of cell phones recently raised more than 100,000 signatures from the public, and the White House has now officially responded to the idea, stating its support. The petition refers to Section 1201 of...

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Library of Congress rules in favor of jailbreaking

Today, the Library of Congress has ruled in favor of both jailbreaking and unlocking phones according to an Associated Press Statement published on the New York Times. The Library of Congress statement can be found here if you'd prefer to read the original. The Washington Post has also picked up thi...

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'No iPod Movie Rips' says Library of Congress

According to MacWorld UK, the Copyright Office of the US Library of Congress has rejected a petition which requested that owners of iPods and other portable media players be allowed to rip the CDs and DVDs they own to their own playback devices. You'd imagine, wouldn't you, that you should be allow...

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