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Incipio shows off licensed, interchangeable, and battery charger cases at CES

Incipio had a nice booth on the show floor at CES this year, and kindly showed TUAW some of its new offerings in the world of iPhone cases and spare batteries. The latest and greatest news from Incipio is licensed cases -- the company has secured licenses to print cases with art from Magic: The...

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Daily iPhone App: Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

There have been a few strangely licensed games on the App Store this year (Army of Darkness Defense jumps to mind), and Judge Dredd vs. Zombies is one of those. There's no Judge Dredd movies in production as far as I know, and the comic is still rather obscure, despite the Sylvester Stallone mo...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Marvel Kapow!

Marvel Kapow is an interesting approach to the licensed game idea. Most superhero games aim to directly control the superhero, letting the player experience being them, but Marvel Kapow is a much more casual, abstract experience, instead simply using the Marvel license and its various heroes to...

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Wrap your iPad in Ferrari leather

You may not be able to afford that Ferarri that's ready to wrap around your iPod, but how about just a Ferrari case? RazorianFly points us to these Ferrari-branded iDevice cases which allow you to put your iPad or iPhone 4 in the same rich, supple leather that goes into the legendary supercars....

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TUAW's Daily App: Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash

I would say that this Canabalt-like game is good for kids (and it is), but I don't suppose there are too many kids around nowadays who remember the early days of Inspector Gadget like I did in my generation. We 80s babies can fondly look back on Gadget, Penny, Brain and the mysterious Dr. Claw with...

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Real Racing 2 coming to iOS December 16th

After a few weeks of teasing and hints, Firemint has finally revealed all about its upcoming Real Racing 2 game for iOS, and it looks extremely impressive. The first game in the series is still one of the most popular and well done racing games in the App Store, and Firemint is upping the ante high...

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Freeverse working on a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies game for iPhone

I haven't gotten a chance to read the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book, in which Seth Grahame-Smith takes the old Jane Austen novel and adds a little undead action to it, but apparently the brand is doing very well. Freeverse has announced that they've been hired to create an iPhone game based o...

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