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Angry Birds soda release makes for huge sales jump

Yes indeed: Angry Birds soda. A Nordic beverage company named Olvi got the rights from Rovio to make some Angry Birds-branded sugar water, and apparently it's a huge hit for them, raising the company's sales by 85 percent. Exports were especially huge, going from 3 percent of Olvi's market to a wh...

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Streaming radio may be the next frontier for Apple's music efforts

In a rather interesting article last week detailing music service Pandora's ongoing struggle with record labels' streaming fees, The Verge says that "iRadio," Apple's rumored Pandora competitor, is being primed for a launch this Summer. "Much has been written about Apple's plan to launch a Pa...

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ASCAP announces music license for web/app developers

Developers wanting to stream popular music in their mobile apps now have an inexpensive way to do so legally. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) launched the new ASCAP PLAY MUSIC License for Websites and Mobile Apps last month, allowing developers to pay a low ann...

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HTC exec lauds licensing agreement with Apple

Ray Yam is the president of HTC China, and he recently said in an interview with the Economic Observer of China that the company's recent licensing agreement with Apple will "pay off" sometime this new year in 2013. HTC and Apple, you may remember, finally settled a longtime patent disagreement...

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Apple ends Kickstarter project over Lightning licensing rules (updated)

Update: Ars Technica reports that Apple has reversed course on its decision and is allowing 30-pin and Lightning dock connectors to be on the same device for charging. The team behind the Kickstarter-funded POP power station must refund all the money it collected after it failed to get appro...

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Seeking Alpha: Apple could make $4 billion a year from Android sales

Apple's cross-licensing deal with HTC seems like a good idea just from the viewpoint that it keeps the two companies out of the courtroom for a decade. Now J.M. Manness, writing for Seeking Alpha, points out that the deal and others like it could be a complete windfall for Apple. The company coul...

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Doodle Jump getting an Arcade version, plushies via licensing deal

Doodle Jump has been moving along at a much slower pace than Rovio's Angry Birds lately, but of course it's one of the other early success stories from the App Store. Developers Lima Sky have updated the game almost constantly since its launch (including just recently to make it compatible with...

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Lodsys: 150 iOS developers give in to patent demands

Lodsys filed what many are calling a "patent troll" lawsuit against a number of smaller iOS developers last year, claiming that while Apple may have licensed its in-app purchase technology patents for iOS, individual developers have not, and should be held accountable for using it. Despite ...

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Audience Inc says Apple unlikely to use its audio tech in iPhones

Audience is a US-based company that makes voice and audio processors for mobile products. In the past, Apple used Audience's audio technology in the iPhone, but that may change with the next iPhone model, says a report in Reuters. Audience's CEO Peter Santos told Reuters in an email interview...

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Samsung case reveals that Apple has licensed iOS design patents to Microsoft

During testimony today by Apple director of patent licensing and strategy Boris Teksler at the Apple vs. Samsung trial, it was revealed that in the past, the company has licensed some iOS design patents to Microsoft. The deal, which apparently also encompasses an "anti-cloning" agreement, cover...

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OnLive Desktop changes from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008

When OnLive launched its virtual desktop service for the iPad, it was rapidly rebuked by Microsoft over licensing issues with the Windows 7-based service. The company has switched from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008 R2 and is now in compliance, says a report in Ars Technica and a post from Br...

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EU launches antitrust probes against Motorola after complaints from Apple, Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft filed separate complaints with the EU that accuse Motorola of using its essential, standards-based patents as weapons to curb competitor's products and advance their own, says a report in The New York Times. Under EU law, companies with patents essential to an industry standar...

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Microsoft confronts OnLive over Windows desktop-on-iPad licensing

In January we had a first look at Onlive Desktop. The free iPad app provides a connection to a hosted desktop Windows environment, complete with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. Well, according to a ZDNet post today, Microsoft believes that OnLive is in violation of licensing terms. Microsoft's VP ...

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Motorola wants 2.25 percent of Apple sales to license patents

The ongoing patent spat between Motorola and Apple has reached an interesting crossroads. Just recently a German court granted an injunction against sales of many of Apple's 3G-bearing products, including older model iPhones and the iPad. That injunction held for less than a day, however, pending f...

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Amazon music player aMusic pulled from App Store

James Clancey of Interactive Innovative Solutions has written two applications that let you stream your music to your handset. One app, gMusic, connects to Google's Music Beta service and another, aMusic, connects to Amazon's Cloud Music service. The future of these two apps may be in limbo. aMus...

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