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Tag: lifehacker

Lifehacker video describes OS X Mavericks secret features

It's always fun to find out what all the new hidden features that an operating system upgrade provides, and OS X Mavericks is chock-full of goodies. The folks over at Lifehacker put together a quick video that shows off a number of features that you may not have known about. If you've come up wit...

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Nifty tip for retaining the detachable plug on an Apple Power Supply

Have you ever lost a "duck head"? That's the term for the detachable plug that comes with Apple power supplies. You can remove the duck head and install a full extension cord, but it's quite irritating to lose the plug if you occasionally want to use just the power supply and its thin cable. Th...

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Most popular free Mac apps of 2009

Lifehacker has put together their list of the 15 Most Popular Free Mac Apps of 2009. Keep in mind, these are Mac OS X apps, not iPhone apps. The list is based on the popularity of apps they've covered in 2009 and don't represent total download numbers. Here are some of their choices (in no speci...

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SnowChecker will help you make the jump to Snow Leopard

Most of us here at TUAW jumped aboard the Snow Leopard bandwagon immediately after receiving our upgrade disks -- and I mean immediately. We didn't bother to check out what apps would or wouldn't run, and could have cared less about compatibility with scanners and printers or anything else importan...

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Widget Watch: Woot!

This Lifehacker comment thread made me go researching on what I might use for Webclips, but save for the front page of my favorite blog (TUAW, duh), I couldn't think of anything I'd really want to keep on my Dashboard 24/7. I did like the idea of putting (and Shirt.woot, which I've been l...

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Quickly relaunch an app with Quicksilver

That's it, Quicksilver is officially The Handiest Utility Ever. This great tip from Lifehacker explains how you can use Quicksilver to quickly relaunch an application that has - *ahem*- unexpectedly frozen. Simply call up Quicksilver, find the target application, tab over to the action pane, type "r...

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Organize your PDFs with iTunes

There's a great tip on Lifehacker today about using iTunes as an organizational tool. We've all got lots of PDFs sitting around; some important, some not. Instead of burying them in a series of nested folders within your Documents folder, use iTunes. Make playlists for your different categories (lik...

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Manage your iPod sans iTunes with Floola

Adam Pash over at lifehacker has a great post up on managing your iPod without iTunes. The post focuses on cross-platform tools for adding music and video to your iPod from practically any computer, the most interesting of which is Floola. Floola has a bunch of features, allowing you to copy music (...

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Found Footage: Laser etching a PowerBook

Gina over at Lifehacker got her PowerBook etched with a Celtic knot, and she had the wherewithal to capture the process with her cameraphone. The video isn't that great, but head on over to Lifehacker to check out some photos of the finished product....

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Vista very OS X like

Our good friends at Lifehacker installed the latest beta of Windows Vista and experienced deja vu. Where had they seen these UI elements before? A focus on search? Gadgets? Oh, right, OS X. Check out the full post for a side by side look at some OS X like features of Vista. Personally, I hope that M...

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IP over FireWire tutorial

We all know that FireWire is fast (like super fast) but did you know that it can also handle networking (and that is fast too)? Well, it can! I know what you're thinking: if only there was some sort of tutorial that would show me how to setup a IP over FireWire connection from a PC to a Mac! Those w...

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