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CES 2015: Narrative Clip 2 adds wide angle lens, Wi-Fi to wearable camera

One of the more intriguing items I reviewed in 2014 was the Narrative Clip, a tiny clip-on "lifelogging" camera designed to take a photo every 30 seconds hands-free. The idea, as you'll get from reading that review, is that there are often situations where you'd like to capture candid photos aut...

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Narrative Clip now the new name for Memoto wearable lifetracking camera

About a year ago, TUAW highlighted a Kickstarter project aimed at making a tiny wearable camera that would take photos about once every 30 seconds for upload to a website where they'd be condensed into a continuous lifelog. The project was delayed, but now the Swedish developers behind the project...

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Saga lifelogging app captures your every move

WIth the advent of devices like the iPhone that are generally at our fingertips wherever we go, there are a growing number of apps to capture your location over time, essentially creating a log of everywhere you went during every day. Saga (free) is a fairly recent addition to the world of lifelog...

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Memoto camera wants to capture your life -- every 30 seconds

Perhaps you saw my post last week about Lightt, a new social app that allows you to capture highlights of your life in 10-picture snaps and share that stream with friends. Now a new Kickstarter project from Swedish company Memoto wants to create a photographic record of your life by giving you ...

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No Comment: Your life in 30-second intervals with Lifelapse

Whenever we get publicity info about a new iPhone app, my personal curmudgeon radar goes to high alert if the app in question is accompanied by a precious and fashionable custom accessory. There's something about that mix of software and paraphernalia that sets my teeth on edge a bit. That's ...

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