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Solstice tip: Automatically run f.lux every day at 6 pm

It's the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so it's a perfect time to note that sitting in front of a glowing blue light for hours on end isn't particularly natural for us humans. f.lux is a Mac app which automatically adjusts the brightness and color of your computer display. The ge...

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Tweetdeck updated with themes and new fonts

Twitter clients are like political candidates these days -- everyone's got one they like, and no one really wants to hear about the ones they don't. For me, TweetDeck is still my client of choice. Even though I've heard good things about TweetBot for Mac and a few other options out there, nothi...

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Light painting in stop motion with the iPad

This is about the coolest thing done with an iPad since, well, the iPad itself was created. A firm named Dentsu London has used an iPad to create a series of stop motion shots assembled from sequential long exposure light paintings. They created a set of 3D graphics and then programmed the iPad to ...

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Glowing Apple logo mod for your iPhone?

iPhones.ru posted a video (with dialogue in Russian, I think) showing a first-generation iPhone that's been modified to light up the Apple logo on the back of the device when it's turned on. Sadly, it doesn't show how exactly the modification was made, though I conjecture it uses light from the ma...

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Some early free gems in the App Store

Like Erica, I've been poking around the App Store all morning. Unlike Erica, I'm not brave enough to install the firmware without the official word from Apple, but in the meantime, here's a few free apps in there that are definitely worth a download right away. Advent: A free version of Colossal Cav...

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mi Lite iPod skins

Have you ever wondered if your iPod could serve double duty as both a digital audio device and a funky portable strobe light? Me neither. But someone made it happen anyway. mi Lite, from Blue Box is a protective graphic skin that features tiny sensor switches that make your iPod light up and go blin...

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