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Lineform 1.5.1 is out: TUAW readers can save $30

It's been a while since Freeverse's vector application, Lineform, got an update. Lineform 1.5 came out in January 2008, but the Apple Design Award winner has remained unchanged since then. That's not a bad thing; as we've mentioned in the past, Lineform is great vector program. But it's always nice...

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Freeverse has a 30% off sale, cuts prices of iPhone apps

Our good friends at Freeverse are having a 30% off sale, one of their biggest lately, this week on almost everything in their catalog, from the tower defense game Horde of Orcs to the award-winning Lineform. The sale lasts through October 7th, and to get the discount, just put "MONTYMAIL" in as a c...

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TUAW Faceoff: Low-cost vector design apps

While I'm not a hard-core professional illustrator or cartoonist, I do use vector design tools almost every day. Designing logos, playing with type, and creating quick layouts are things every vector design tool should do well. Adobe Illustrator CS3, of course, is the 800-pound gorilla in this fiel...

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All Freeverse games and apps 20% off today only

Freeverse has sent along the heads up on a sale they're having today only. To celebrate "Leap Day" (yes, we're only having this twenty-four hour period today because it's a Leap Year), they're selling everything they got for an extra 20% off whenever you use the code "leapyear" during checkout. What...

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Lineform 1.5 update lost in the Macworld shuffle

Chalk this one up to bad press release timing: we neglected to note the release of a major update to Freeverse's Lineform vector art application, announced on January 14 (otherwise known as Steve's Eve). The new version includes full Leopard support and adds hooks for drawing tablet pressure sensiti...

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Freeverse holds a 30% off sale

Freeverse, winner of many design awards (and publisher of Marathon on the 360-- I had no idea!) is throwing down with a software sale on their website. By using the code montyrules with any purchase before September 20th, you can pick up any of the software and games they're selling for a whopping 3...

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Freehand dead, discount crossgrade to Lineform

Rumors of Freehand's demise have been raised and squashed before, but now it's official. Gruber points to this notice that Adobe has canned further development Freehand in favor of Illustrator. Adobe is offering some discounts on Illustrator for registered owners of Freehand, as well as some tutoria...

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Leopard's iChat Theater could change the way we do... well, everything

It's things like the iChat Theater page at Apple's Developer site that make me just fine with the delay of Mac OS X Leopard. They say 'good things come to those who wait,' but from what I'm reading at the iChat Theater page, that phrase is more like 'fantastic, amazing and mind-blowing things come...

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Lineform 1.3 Updated with PDF Support

We've mentioned Lineform a couple of times, but the newly released version 1.3 of Freeverse's Illustrator alternative vector illustration program adds a significant new feature: PDF import and editing. You can now directly import a PDF into Lineform, resize it, and mark it up with the standard Linef...

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Freeverse announces winner of Lineform contest

Freeverse, the company behind many a fun Mac app, recently held a contest related to their vector illustration program, Lineform. The contest was simple: submit an image made with Lineform and you get a chance to win $1000. Not too shabby. The contest is over, and the winner was Paul Davidson. You c...

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Freeverse announces Lineform 1.2

You may remember Lineform as the winner in the student category of the Apple Design Awards, but now it is now a part of Freeverse's software catalog. $79.99 gets your version 1.2 of Lineform which is a Universal Binary (which Freeverse told me would launch in a second on a MacBook Pro, and they were...

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Inform now Lineform, reaches 1.1

Lineform, formerly Inform, has reached 1.1 and added many features. This $79 graphics program now boasts AppleScriptablity, support for Core Image, media browsing and much more. This program is designed to be powerful but simple to use and seems to be focused on logo design....

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