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The psychology of Apple fans who sit in line

Many people make a conscious decision to wait in line for an iPad or iPhone instead of pre-ordering their iOS device. A recent Marketwatch article examines some of the reasons why people brave the elements just to buy the latest and greatest gadgets. According to retail marketing experts, peo...

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Stolen iPhone photos unwittingly posted by Disney cruise ship employee

"This is Nelson," says iPhone owner Katy McCaffrey of the picture above, posted on her Facebook. "Nelson has my stolen iPhone." McCaffrey took her iPhone on a Disney Cruise back in April, where the phone was either misplaced or stolen. But it's been found, now. Photo Stream was still running, a...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro line getting revamped with MacBook Air style designs

There's rumors of a shakeup going around in Apple's laptop lines. AppleInsider claims, according to "people familiar with Apple's roadmap" (cute -- it's Friday, so we'll let that through), that Apple is aiming to completely revamp its notebook lines sometime this year, basically making the MacBook...

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Foxconn doubles factory size to meet iPhone demand

Chinese manufacturer Foxconn is growing again, with recent reports stating that the company is doubling the size of one of its production lines in order to keep up with production for current and future Apple products. The Foxconn Science Park in Zhengzhou is undergoing a $1.1 billion expansion...

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Hong Kong line for iPhone 4S numbers in the thousands

We mentioned in passing that the iPhone 4S had sold out in ten minutes at the Hong Kong Apple Store, but given these pictures that have been posted online since, a statement like that doesn't really do the launch justice. That place looks like a madhouse -- thousands of people lined up to buy A...

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Apple may freeze new Mac releases until Lion ships

Apple is rumored to be halting any new Mac releases until Lion ships in July, according to a report heard by AppleInsider. Sources for that site say that Apple management is so excited about the improvements and user experience Lion offers, they don't want to ship any new Macs until Lion is fin...

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Two Australian Apple fans wait 50 hours in line for an iPad 2

Alex Lee can cross another item off his bucket list: waiting in line for 50 hours to be one of the first people in Australia to own a shiny new iPad 2. Actually, the 28-year-old IT consultant from Canada is already one of the first people in Australia to own an iPad 2; Lee bought one while vi...

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International iPad 2 launch still on track

Apple has confirmed that the iPad 2 launch in the UK is still planned for this Friday, March 25, according to TechRadar. There was concern that the launch would be delayed due to supply issues, but an Apple spokesperson apparently says that the company is still following the date listed on the ...

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Verizon iPhone customers line up across the US

Verizon customers began lining up to snag an iPhone 4 from the nation's most reliable carrier today. People were lining up across the country, but most lines were reportedly light. Long lines with wait times of several hours were not expected given the ample pre-order opportunities and the cold tem...

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TUAW's Daily App: Soundrop

Soundrop isn't really a game -- it's more of a musical instrument, although you can play with it for quite a while. The app presents a small hole that constantly drops balls out at a certain rate, while you draw lines on the screen with your finger. Where the balls hit the lines, a tone is sounded, ...

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Apple may have sold 1.5 million iPhone 4s already

This will come as no surprise to anyone who saw all of those lines yesterday: Analysts are saying that Apple probably sold over 1.5 million iPhones yesterday, with 600,000 preorders, 100,000 in-store sales, and 50,000 sales from other places like Best Buy, with the rest coming from overseas. If that...

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How to make $150 million in a day

Seth Godin has a great post up that serves as a good capper on what may have been Apple's best product launch ever. He puts the money made by Apple last Saturday morning at around $150 million, and even if that's not exactly right, I have to say that having been through a few Apple launches now, I t...

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Why weren't you in line this morning?

We don't want to imply that the iPhone 3G S launch was a dud. There's reports out that the 3G S may have sold more units than the 3G on opening day, but even more reports are coming in that the lines and general mayhem at Apple and AT&T stores were much more subdued this year than in previous ye...

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Buying a new iPhone, Tucson style

Of course, like many people, I just had to have a 3G S, so my old 3G phone is off to NextWorth. I got to my local Apple Store (La Encantata Mall) about 6:30 AM, and there were about 30-35 people in line. There were 2 lines actually, one for people who reserved an iPhone, and one for those that had j...

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People already lining up for 3G iPhone?

In what must come as somewhat, yet not completely, surprising news, it seems people are already starting to line up at Apple's flagship 5th Avenue store in New York for the next version of the iPhone -- supposedly being announced on June 9th. According to our friends at Engadget Mobile, the line is ...

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