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IconSettings provides one-touch access to iOS settings with bookmarks

IconSettings, from the South African blog iPhoneZA, is an interesting hack that lets you set up one-touch buttons on your iOS device to access specific parts of the Settings app (like turning Bluetooth on or off, toggling Airplane mode, adjusting date & time, etc.) without going to the trou...

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Play with your brain: 3 Degrees of Wikipedia

I've been a trivia buff forever, and it seems like my brain has an endless capacity for relatively useless information while it has difficulty remembering important things -- like my name, for instance. With over 3,500,000 articles in the English version of Wikipedia, there's plenty of fodder for ga...

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TUAW Tip: Sync your bookmarks to an iPhone or iPod touch with Xmarks

I'm an avid user of Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) as are probably many of you. I browse the Internet regularly on three different computers, and so it helps immensely to have all of my Firefox bookmarks and passwords synced. But the one fly in my ointment has been my iPhone's mobile Safari installatio...

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On the trail of Fake Steve Jobs

Everybody's favorite anonymous Mac commentator might be a little closer to becoming not-so-anonymous. If you checked out Fake Steve Jobs's site yesterday, you might have seen a short post about a marginally funny iPhone Haiku site. I've still got the post in my Google Reader, as you can see in the p...

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iPhone Tip: Tap and hold on a link for a description popup

Safari on the iPhone might be slightly limited in some areas (for example: you can't double-tap contacts in Meebo to begin a chat), but we're discovering all sorts of useful goodies that I don't remember Jobs or the Apple videos ever highlighting. In this screenshot of my iPhone (sorry I couldn't...

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TextExpander Tip: Using the Clipboard in a Snippet

Along with Quicksilver, TextExpander is one of my must-have Mac utilities. TextExpander is a "snippet" utility that will automatically paste in content based on user defined abbreviations. For instance, I have "bc" set to expand to "because." However, the pasted text can be much longer (e.g. "sig" ...

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An Adium Xtra for linking any browser's current page

I know Adium can insert links from some browsers by itself, but I just found a script at the Adium Xtras site which offers much more fine-grained control over inserting a link from any browser, with the page name's descriptive title linked nice and clean, instead of the long ugly URL you get from co...

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Macgamefiles offers free game hosting

Macgamefiles.com has announced free game hosting for shareware and freeware game developers (but not for things like maps, mods, etc.). The only catch is that the game's developer needs to point their download links to the game's product page hosted at Macgamefiles.com. This, I assume, is so MGF can...

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