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Tim Cook and Lisa Jackson help Apple celebrate LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco

Apple has long been a supporter of LGBT equality and the company was out in force yesterday at the 44th annual Pride parade in San Francisco. Over 5,000 employees are estimated to have taken part in the parade, including CEO Tim Cook and Lisa Jackson, the company's recently hired environmental ch...

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Apple renewable energy use grows from 35 to 95 percent in less than 4 years

As of today, Apple has been able to convert its corporate campuses and data centers to using 95 percent renewable energy sources for their power. According to this great article over at WIRED, in 2010 that number was at 35 percent. Apple appointed Lisa Jackson, former EPA administrator and once e...

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Apple environmental head Lisa Jackson talks about making Apple more environmentally friendly

With Tim Cook at the helm, Apple has continuously demonstrated an increasing focus on ensuring that its operations are as environmentally sound as possible. A perfect example of Apple's commitment to clean up its act (pun partially intended) is its recent hire of Lisa Jackson as VP of Environmenta...

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Apple praised in China for environmental policies

Chinese environmental activist Ma Jun recently said that Apple has made major strides towards becoming more environmentally friendly and transparent with respect to the company's operations in China. While speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China, Ma explained that Apple has recentl...

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Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson "thrilled" to be joining Apple; Greenpeace applauds the hire

In an email sent to Politico on Wednesday, former EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that she was thrilled to be joining Apple where she will help coordinate all of the company's environmental initiatives. I'm incredibly impressed with Apple's commitment to the environment and I'm thrilled to be joining ...

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