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i.TV for iPhone: Cluttered but promising entertainment guide

If you're into entertainment, the newly updated i.TV for iPhone (iTunes link) offers more content than ever before. Now in its sixth release, i.TV aims to keep you on top of listings, DVD rentals, and more. If there's a single word that describes this iPhone application, it's "cluttered." i.TV offer...

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i. TV and Netflix buddy up for mobile queue management

iPhone media guides may be a dime a dozen (or, in the specific case of What's On TV, $0.99), but the free i.TV listings and lookup tool is starting to follow through on some of the promises for future feature development we heard when it was launched. The new version, on the App Store now, includes ...

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First Look: i. TV brings schedules, trailers to your iPhone

There are a lot of App Store submissions and works-in-progress that trigger anticipatory drooling here at TUAW (Sling Mobile! Sling Mobile!), among them the program guide and movie finder i. TV; we first saw it a few weeks ago and I've been checking every day to see if it's shipped. Now you can down...

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