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Apple requests Android source code in Samsung lawsuit

That's the word from Bloomberg News today. Apple has asked a US magistrate judge to force Google to turn over the Android source code. It's part of Apple's case against Samsung, and Apple continues to believe its intellectual property has been stolen. Not surprisingly, Google, who owns the Androi...

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Google's Eric Schmidt compliments Apple in Korea

Google's Eric Schmidt was in South Korea for the launch of Nexus 7 tablet launch and made headlines during his trip. According to a report in The Korea Times, the Executive Chairman shot down the possibility that Google Maps is pending approval by Apple and talked about the company's tumultuous...

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Judge denies Apple's request for dismissal after Samsung evidence leak

Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for a judgment that would hand the company a victory in its patent infringement case with Samsung, according to Electronista. Apple made the request after Samsung deliberately defied Judge Koh's order by releasing excluded documents to the media. These docu...

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Psystar dealt crushing blow in ongoing legal proceedings with Apple

Yesterday, Judge William Alsup, United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, dealt Psystar a crushing blow in its ongoing litigation with Apple over whether or not Psystar could market and sell non-Apple computers running modified copies of Apple's operating system. If you'r...

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Engadget begins iPhone litigation crash course series: part 1 - trademarks

The litigation biz is a messy and complex one, which is why I'm thankful Engadget has rounded up law student members from the Columbia Science & Technology Law Review for a primer series covering the ins and outs of the potentially ensuing Apple/Cisco litigation. This first part covers trademark...

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Patent infringement lawsuit hits Apple

In a move that screams 'I was waiting for the right time to mention it,' Burst.com yesterday filed a patent counterclaims lawsuit against Apple Computer, claiming that their iTunes, iTMS, iPod and QuickTime Streaming infringe on four of their patents. It appears that this time around Apple actually ...

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