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Apple Q4 earnings liveblog


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Apple says no live stream of today's press event

Just a reminder that Apple will not broadcast today's iPhone event live like it has done in the past. Apple usually posts a video of these after the fact, but if you want the news as it happens, you will have to follow a live blog. We will be live meta-blogging the event starting at 10 AM PDT (1 ...

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After the Line Blog

Well, I'm back home after five hours in line at the Apple Store, less $389.98 (I bought AppleCare and a 16GB iPhone 3G). What do I have to show for it? As of 1:00 PM MDT, everything is suddenly working. I have an iPhone 3G, although I've now discovered that I don't have 3G service at my home despi...

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5th Avenue Live Blog

Live reporting from Mike Rose, our man-on-the-spot, transcribed by Erica back at the TUAW desk. (Sorry about the time! I'm on Mountain Time and Mike is on Eastern.) 3:58. It's a zoo. There are probably two times as many gawkers and press than actual people in line. Mike's TUAW shirt is recognized by...

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