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CoPilot GPS nav app adds ActiveTraffic

ALK Technologies today is releasing a new version of the CoPilot Live app with a feature called ActiveTraffic. It uses real time traffic flow information that mates with dynamic routing technology to get you to your destination by selecting alternate routes, then accurately estimating your new arriv...

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Full-featured Navigon MobileNavigator gets temporary price cut

Just in time for those summer vacations, Navigon has dropped the price of the full North American version to U.S. $49.99. That's a 30 dollar savings. Of all the GPS apps I've tested, I found the Navigon app to be the most full-featured and accurate. The screen is very clear and it is easy to use ...

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Navigon launches regional nav apps at lower prices

If you've been lusting after the Navigon apps for your iPhone, the company has just released lower-priced regional versions that divide the country into three sections and let you add other parts of the U.S. with an in-app purchase. You can now buy Western states, Central U.S. or Eastern states a...

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Nav apps keep updating, adding features

Today it's CoPilot live, continuing a holiday sale price of U.S. $24.99 [iTunes link] through the end of December. We've had a look at the app before. It is good for a low-cost app, but the database seems a bit out of date and the POI list is limited. The new version adds live traffic, local search ...

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Navigon updates again - adds live traffic

Navigon [iTunes link] has been very aggressive in the world of iPhone navigation. After taking the early lead in features, they continue to pour on the steam. Using in-app purchasing, any Navigon owners can now get live traffic, both crowd-sourced, and additional data from Clear Channel radio statio...

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