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Metaliveblogging the "Beat Goes On" event

The reporters are there. The Apple Store is down. The rumors have been spread. And now it's time for the Apple Event you've all been waiting for. We're not actually there (I'm in my cozy apartment in Chicago's beautiful Wicker Park), but we are watching everyone who is there, and we'll be metalive...

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Liveblogging the Apple earnings call

We're on the line live for the Apple FY07 Third Quarter earnings call, starting up in just a few minutes at 5pm Eastern. Apple is expected to announce some big numbers, and we should get an idea of what they expect from the iPhone in the next quarter or so. More updates as we post them. If you want ...

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Liveblogging Apple's 2007 Q2 results

That's right, kiddies, Apple is having their quarterly results call today and TUAW will be liveblogging it. Oh, I am sure it'll be lots and lots of fun. Marvel as Apple refuses to comment on future products. Gaze upon record profits (I'm guessing). Thrill as all talk of the stock backdating scandal ...

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Apple NAB event today

That's right, kids, Apple is holding a special event today at NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters) get together in Las Vegas. Will they announce something? Will they just show off existing stuff? I have no idea, but considering 8 core Mac Pros were just released I am thinking there won't b...

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TUAW liveblogging Apple's financials

You didn't think we were content to just liveblog the keynote did you? In our quest to bring you all things Apple, we'll also be liveblogging the "good news" 2007 financials call on Wednesday, 2pm Pacific time. Not so sure it'll be good news? OK, sure, the Zune probably bit into Apple's market share...

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TUAW Macworld coverage will include liveblogging the Keynote

As you read this post I am high above the earth hurtling my way to San Francisco. Once I'm on the ground, and meet up with the rest of the TUAW Macworld team, the fun begins. I did want to let everyone know that TUAW will be covering the Keynote (aka the Stevenote) live, as we always do. Sadly, we h...

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