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Livescribe 3 smartpen announced for iOS devices

Livescribe has announced its Livescribe 3 smartpen today. The latest version of the popular print-to-digital pen features an ARM9 processor and a lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 14 hours. Using a high-speed infrared camera at the top of the pen, it captures everything you write and draw a...

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Livescribe for Mac gets handwriting recognition thanks to Vision Objects

When it comes to cool tools for the Mac, the Livescribe Pulse smartpen is one of the most innovative. It's a pen that works with special dot paper to capture your handwriting and drawings, and links what you write to what you hear since it also records every word within earshot. All of that informat...

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Livescribe and the Pulse Smartpen on the Mac

The Pulse Smartpen has been around for a while, but until late last month the desktop software from Livescribe was Windows-only. The pen captures what you write, and the desktop app allows you to store and playback your writing and captured audio on your computer. I had a chance to test drive the ...

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