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Talkcast tonight, 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT/4 PM HDT: Casper Phone Edition!

It's that time again kids! This week we have TONS to talk about, from the actual release of the Ghost Phone to the dust-up over iPhones and their location tracking and everything in between. Tonight we have a special guest, too! Chatting with me and the other TUAW staffers about the news of the...

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Localscope is a slick and complete tool for finding and getting to your destination

There are plenty of apps that find restaurants, hospitals and other things near you using the iPhone's GPS. Localscope, a US$1.99 app, is the most complete and easy to use solution I've seen. Localscope easily lets you find destinations using Google or Bing, Foursquare, Twitter and Wikimapia. Yo...

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Google will have your latitude and longitude

Google has launched new location-based social software which is available to many smartphone users today. Latitude will share your location with others and allow you to to view your friends' locations as well. You can then contact them using text messaging, instant message or a phone call. The servi...

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