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iPhone location data to be closely regulated in Europe

The fuss over the storage of location data by iOS has crossed international waters. The EU data protection advisory panel, a watchdog group that advises the European Commission, has said that location data is personal data. This ruling may lead to further restrictions limiting how this data may...

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Apple sued again over location data

Apple is facing another lawsuit over its handling of location data, according to a report from The Loop. The latest complaint was filed by Lymaris M. Rivera Diaz in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico. Rivera is asking for monetary damages stemming from Apple's alle...

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The difference between Apple and Google at the Senate hearings

Earlier today, the US Senate judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on privacy, technology and the law. You can view a video of the opening statement by Senator Al Franken from today's hearings here. The purpose of this hearing was to aid lawmakers in understanding if current privacy laws arou...

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Untrackerd wipes stored location data on your jailbroken iPhone

The iPhone and iPad seem to be storing location data about your travels using cell tower information. Whether you believe that Apple is secretly spying on you or just storing the locations of cell towers for some purpose, such as speedier connections to said towers, if you don't like it, you no...

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