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Apple acquires Canadian location data company Locationary

Apple is looking to beef up its Maps and location services by acquiring location data company Locationary. The Canadian startup uses crowdsourcing to create a database with up-to-date location data and local business information. Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling confirmed the acquisition to AllThi...

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Saga lifelogging app captures your every move

WIth the advent of devices like the iPhone that are generally at our fingertips wherever we go, there are a growing number of apps to capture your location over time, essentially creating a log of everywhere you went during every day. Saga (free) is a fairly recent addition to the world of lifelog...

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How to turn off Google Now and keep your battery charged

Google has recently added its Google Now service into its search app for iOS, but there's one big drawback to getting constant weather, traffic, and other local information on your phone: Location Services runs constantly. You can tell by the little arrow icon up in the corner of your home scree...

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iOS 6: Restoring App-specific privacy permissions

Don't you hate it when an app asks for permission to use photos or location data and you hit the wrong button? In iOS 6, you can bypass this headache and change permissions on an app-by-app basis. Go to Settings > Privacy > Service Type, e.g. Location Services or Contacts, and enable or...

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iPhone 101: Location data and GPS

Update: Look here for official word on the iPhone location data controversy from Apple. Recently, the Apple community has become interested in location data as gathered by iPhones. Specifically, The Guardian has reported that researcher and former Apple employee Pete Wardensome and data visualiz...

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TekTrak phone locator offers two-use free version

Just because Apple released a Find My iPhone app and then made it free, doesn't mean there isn't room for a little friendly competition. TekTrak originally took on Apple's built-in iPhone location service by offering TekTrak Pro at a one-time US$4.99 price point as opposed to Mobile Me's $99 ...

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