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Glympse adds in-flight tracking to its location-sharing service

Location-sharing app Glympse has added a new feature that'll allow users to track a friend or loved one while they fly. Glympse has partnered with in-flight WiFi service Gogo to bring this new In-flight feature to life. If you've never used Glympse, the service allows users to send temporary loca...

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Apple's Find My Friends app now available

In advance of iOS 5, Apple has released Find My Friends, a location sharing app similar to Glympse. As the name implies, Find My Friends will let you locate your friends on a map. It'll also let you share your location so your friends can find you. For those concerned about privacy, the locat...

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Glympse is a great way to share your location

Somehow we missed telling you about Glympse, the great little free app that lets you tell others where you are in real time. To get started, download Glympse to your iPhone and accept the terms of use. There are no accounts to set up or anything else to fiddle with. When you're ready to share your l...

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