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Tag: location-based

More on Angry Birds Star Wars, and location-based McD's promo in China

Rovio revealed a little while ago that a Star Wars-related Angry Birds release would be out for iOS on November 8, but since then the company has been posting various teaser videos combining the old Star Wars movies with the frustrated fowl. Leia is unimpressed with a Stormtrooper pig, the Deat...

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CodeRunner chases the location-based dream

CodeRunner is quite an app, and I almost don't want to tell you what it is before you try it. In fact, let's not. Just go download it from the App Store and experience it for yourself first. It's US$2.99, but if you've been following location-based iPhone games, you'll find the price worth the exp...

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iPad explorations with Qwiki

The developers behind the Qwiki website have produced a pretty cool iPad app version of the site. The app looks like a great way to experience Qwiki's narrated-encyclopaedia version of the world, offering location-sensitive lookups and making full use of the touch-capabilities of the iPad. "Q...

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Find My Friends MobileMe feature found in iOS 4.3 beta release

Yesterday, Apple rolled out iOS 4.3 beta to developers, and the first look at the latest iOS version yielded up some gems, including multi-touch gestures, hotspot functionality, a return of the orientation lock and new camera effects. Earlier today, MacRumors uncovered settings for a feature called...

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Shopkick, Best Buy team up to use location-based app for loyalty program

I've been a member of Best Buy's rewards program for a little while now -- as long as I'm spending way too much of my hard-earned money at the big box retailer, I figure I might as well try to get some of it back. And I was pretty impressed with what they've done on their website with the program --...

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WWDC 2010: Insurrection 2035 impressions

Ever since the iPhone was introduced, we've been looking for a good location-based MMO -- a game that could rely on location information direct from the iPhone to let many different players interact with each other on a grand scale. There have been a few contenders so far (MyTown is definitely th...

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Booyah releases MyTown 3.0, adds friends lists and social features

Booyah has released version 3.0 of their MyTown location-based social networking app on the iPhone. As Keith Lee told me at GDC a few weeks ago, this app makes up the largest number of location-based social users on the platform, eclipsing even Foursquare and Gowalla in terms of users. And version ...

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Plastikman releases SYNK, an app for his tour

Earlier we were hearing that Apple might get involved in location-based ad-hoc social networking, and now it looks like Plastikman might beat them to the punch. That's the DJ, not the superhero -- he's released an iPhone app that's designed to be used at his concerts this summer, giving you some pe...

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Loopt teams with Mobile Spinach for check-in discounts, Booyah talks about MyTown

If the iPhone has a leading app genre, aside from gaming, I'd say the current surge of "check-in" apps is probably it. Sure, back when the App Store first opened up, Twitter apps were everywhere (and they're still being made daily, it seems), but in terms of a genre that can only exist on a location...

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Apple puts limits on location-based advertising in the App Store

Apple's excited about mobile advertising (and it certainly seems like they're setting up a plan for local ads), but to devs, they say, "not so much." Apparently they've sent out a message that says location services should only be used to provide "beneficial information," not targeted advertising. A...

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