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iLog holds up your iPad while you watch Ren & Stimpy episodes

In the never-ending quest to merge nature and technology, an iPad stand has emerged that would make a lumberjack proud. iLog by Twistedtwee is an iPad stand made from "carefully chosen re-claimed London wood," and it makes your iPad feel at home in any log cabin. The stand accommodates an iPad ...

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Cut down that tree and turn it into an iPod dock

TUAW bloggers have seen just about every type of material known to man turned into docks for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. This one, however, caught most of us off guard. The iTree dock is a hollow log that serves as a completely functional iPod / iPhone dock. In fact, the log is hollowed out with ...

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iPhone Calculator gets scientific in 2.0

It probably wasn't the most consequential update of the day, but we did get one big question answered from the iPhone SDK event in February: why the iPhone's calculator icon got changed from round buttons to square ones. Apple apparently had a lot of requests for a scientific version of the calcul...

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TUAW Tip: An easier way to email your logs

Since we play around with a lot of pre-release and beta software in the name of you readers, we often have to email logs to developers to help them iron out quirks that help an app get all growed up from alpha to beta and to the big release version. As any of you who have gone through this kind of...

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