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GoBank is bringing an online-only bank to your iPhone

Prepaid debit card company Green Dot is making the next (logical?) step in its business with the launch of GoBank, a bank that exists only on the web... and on your iPhone. As reported by AllThingsD, a key component of the new bank is a mobile app developed by the team responsible for Loopt, a ch...

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Siri is the iPhone 4S' most enticing feature

I could have probably told you this without doing all of the research, but Loopt asked around anyway, and found out that Siri was the iPhone 4S' most exciting new feature for consumers. Sure, that camera is really impressive, and that processor will come in handy when running new games and apps...

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Loopt app updated for persistent networking, includes texting service and rewards

I remember Loopt being one of the first apps out on the App Store, back when the iPhone's platform was first released. A couple of years ago, location-based social networking was still pretty new (most cell phones didn't yet know exactly where they were, after all), and Loopt was one of the most ad...

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Loopt teams with Mobile Spinach for check-in discounts, Booyah talks about MyTown

If the iPhone has a leading app genre, aside from gaming, I'd say the current surge of "check-in" apps is probably it. Sure, back when the App Store first opened up, Twitter apps were everywhere (and they're still being made daily, it seems), but in terms of a genre that can only exist on a location...

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Changes in Apple attitudes force changes in Google Latitude

We didn't want to let the week slip into the weekend without mention of the long-awaited release, on Thursday afternoon, of Google's Latitude client for iPhone, allowing users to update their locations to the social service and keep track of friends and family on the move (otherwise known as "iStalk...

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