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Steve Jobs' former friends, colleagues share memories

As we approach the first anniversary of Steve Jobs' passing, former friends and colleagues are sharing memories of time spent with Apple's former CEO. Several of those stories will appear in the October 22nd, 2012 issue of Forbes magazine. One amusing tale comes from Randy Adams, who worked with...

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John Carmack: Working with Apple not always easy

Folklore.org is a tremendous repository of Apple history and lore. Check it out if you haven't; you'll find some entertaining and incredible stories. I'm reminded of Folklore whenever a story emerges describing Apple from behind the scenes, like this interview with id Software's co-founder John C...

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MacHeads: The movie

Perhaps you've seen the documentary Trekkies. Hosted by the late Tasha Yar (curse you, Armus!), it profiles several of the show's most zealous fans and by that I mean people with serious mental disorders. Did you see what they did to that poor truck? None of us would get so carried away with our App...

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