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Apple could face huge potential loss if Motorola wins in German court

So far, Apple has been faring pretty well on the various patent disputes it's currently fighting against Samsung and other companies, but Apple's own lawyers agree that stakes are higher than usual in a German case that Motorola has filed against the company. If a German court upholds the order...

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Acer chairman: iPad "fever" will recede

One thing you can say about the founder and chairman of Taiwan-based PC maker Acer -- they're optimists. A few weeks ago, TUAW ran a story about Acer founder Stan Shih, who was quoted as saying that iPads were a "fad." Now Acer chairman J.T. Wang is on the record in a Reuter's post as saying that...

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iPhone 101: Re-downloading an application

Has a sync somehow gone terribly wrong and you've lost your favorite paid application for your iPhone or iPod touch? Well, if you didn't have a backup of it in your iTunes library, fear not. Apple has designed the App Store to allow for re-downloading purchased applications. All you have to do is n...

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