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Declaring love with the Mac OS X Finder

Not only is this really cute, it made me think to myself, "Man, I wish I'd thought of that first." Sean Ohlenkamp put a folder on the desktop of his wife's Mac as the gateway to expressing his sentiments on their third wedding anniversary. The video above walks through a whimsical nest of folders ...

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Wedding proposed via engraved iPad 2

We think this might be cheating a little bit, but we'll let you decide: 9to5Mac reader Jordan C. wrote in to say that he's proposed to his girlfriend courtesy of a custom-engraved iPad. He ordered one with "Will you marry me?" engraved on it, and when it showed up last Monday, he carted his gir...

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The Beatles just 'LOVE' iTunes

The Beatles/Cirque du Soleil collaborative "LOVE" is available for pre-order through iTunes. The US$12.99 album will be released on February 8 with two bonus tracks, and based on the page for the album, none of the tracks will be available for individual sale. The documentary behind the show, "All ...

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Found Footage: Using an iPhone and a movie theatre to propose marriage

Wow! These days, it seems, if you're going to propose, popping the question needs to be done in a super creative, ultra romantic fashion. Gone are the days of proposing to your love after a few drinks at the local pub or after a few too many at a New Years Eve party (Both proposals I know of, both...

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Chat live during the iPad 3G release

You waited, you waited, and you waited. And now some of you finally got your new iPad 3G. Sure, most of you had to remain patient while us Wi-Fi owners preened and showed off our new babies. And some of you are still waiting for the next ship date (the "arrives by" in May). For some of you, thoug...

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Found Footage: Google's ad, Mac style

Happy weekend! Google may have won some hearts with its Super Bowl ad a little while back, but we all know that Apple is the king of advertising when it comes to technology, so YouTuber allenmonroeiii decided to make a little parody of the Google ad and promote the Mac instead. Strangely, it a...

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My Date With iPhone

My soon-to-be date with the iPhone began innocently enough with the wanting. Then, obsession began to set in. Now that I'm actually in line, as of Noon Pacific time, waiting patiently at the Sherman Oaks, CA Apple store and "borrowing" a steaming cup of wi-fi, I can say my date has definitely begun ...

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Study: One third of American teens own iPods

Teen iPod ownership is apparently way up from the 1% level reported in 2003. According to a recent study, one third of American teens aged 13 through 18 own an iPod. One can only presume that the other two thirds of American teens are ticked off with insane jealousy and/or hoping for an iPod under ...

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