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Lytro announces iOS app, unlocks hidden WiFi feature in camera

Today's news brings a pleasant surprise for Lytro camera owners. It turns out the that each one of the small light-field cameras has had a hidden WiFi chip inside, waiting to be turned on. Well, the time for activation has come with the release of a new firmware update which activates the WiFi. An...

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FocusTwist lets you focus photos after taking a picture

A new app called FocusTwist by Arqball lets your iPhone do what a US$400 Lytro light field camera is used for. Like the Lytro, the FocusTwist app lets you adjust the focus a picture after you have taken it. However, the method of after-focusing is completely different in FocusTwist than it is i...

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tap2focus is a clever poor man's Lytro app for the iPhone

We've all been impressed with the Lytro Light Field Camera, which allows a single picture to have multiple focus points. It's a complex process, and the Lytro cameras aren't cheap: they begin at US$399. Our Steve Sande reviewed the Lytro Camera about a year ago and was impressed with the technolo...

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Lytro Light Field Camera: Hands-on with the future of photography

On March 1, a new era of photography began when California-based Lytro started shipping the first Lytro Light Field Cameras. When I first heard about light field photography last year, I was intrigued enough to pre-order one of Lytro's cameras sight unseen. The camera arrived on Friday, and I've n...

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