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Magic Trick #1 is a card trick for your iPhone

If you're looking for a good magic trick to show off your iOS device, give Magic Trick #1 a try (US$0.99). When you perform the trick, the spectator sees several cards. He or she names either the pip or picture cards, the type of card and the suit. You as the performer pick up your iPhone or iPad, ...

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Street magician works Soho Apple Store

Levi Sparkx is a street magician who recently traveled to New York City to audition for America's Got Talent. While spending time in NYC, he stopped by the SoHo Apple Store to blow a few people's minds. Street magic is an artform where the magician performs for strangers who have no idea they're a...

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Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers available now on iOS

I got to see Magic 2014 in action back in May of this year, but the game is now available both on the iOS App Store and on Steam for both Mac and PC. (Update: Turns out it's not available for the Mac. Last year's version wasn't either, unfortunately.) The biggest new feature of this year's go-rou...

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Holiday iPad magic to start your week

Simon Pierro is back again with his bag of iPad tricks this holiday season. The iPad magician has compiled his 24 Xmas iPad Magic tricks into a single holiday-themed video. You can watch the compilation below or peruse through the individual clips on Pierro's YouTube channel. [Via iMore] ...

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Daily iPhone App: Starbloom is musical mystery magic

Starbloom, the first iOS title from Shadegrown Games, isn't exactly the biggest or most content-filled title on the App Store this year. There are only five levels in the game, each with an original song to play through, and the menus mostly consist of some text against a black starfield. But...

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Magic 2013 now (finally!) available on the iPad

The wait is over: Wizards of the Coast has finally brought an official, real version of Magic: The Gathering over to the iPad. Magic 2013 is now available on the App Store, and while there have been plenty of Magic-style card games before, and even an official Magic tracking app from Wizards, t...

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Daily iPhone App: Magic Defenders

Magic Defenders isn't new, but it has claimed a lot of my iPhone gaming time lately. It's a tower defense game, so if you like that genre, odds are that you'll like this one. Instead of building towers, you play the game as a mage that's casting spells against waves of attackers. The game cyc...

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Apple awarded patent for capacitive touchscreen-friendly 'magic' gloves

Apple received a patent for a glove system that is compatible with a touchscreen. Anyone who has used an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad in a cold weather climate knows the pain of having to remove a glove to answer a call or check an email. Even thin driving gloves impede your ability to use your iOS...

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IndieCade 2010: Spirits preview

This past weekend at IndieCade 2010 in Los Angeles, I bumped into our old buddy Steph Thirion. He's the creator of the great Eliss iPhone app and a title that he's still working on called Faraway, which despite still being in development, was actually chosen as an IndieCade finalist this year. He i...

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A little iPad magic

Here's a little iPad magic for your Memorial Day afternoon -- turns out the iPad really is a "magical" device. I'm not sure what app video is being used here, but I think it's a proprietary one, and probably not something you could use yourself (unless you know how to do some of the great slight...

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More magic for the iPhone

The iPhone and iPod touch have really attracted a lot of interest from the magic community, and we've reviewed some of the tricks you can get at the App Store here, and here, and here. Now things are getting more serious with the release of a DVD set called 'Magic with the iPhone' ($19.95 U.S.) crea...

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The iPhone is magic

We love the iPhone, you love the iPhone (most of you do anyway) and so do millions of other users around the world. It's a great device that empowers users to do almost anything from making calls to checking email, from updating your status on Facebook and Twitter to sending text messages and runnin...

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We know the iPhone is magic -- now it DOES magic

When I was growing up I used to do magic shows at kids parties to earn some extra money. It was fun for awhile, but those kids could be pretty rowdy. Now flash forward lots of years, and we can do magic tricks on our iPhones. Who'd have thunk it? Magic Show is an iPhone (or iPod touch) app created...

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Perilar brings Ultima-style RPG to the iPhone

Man, for all of the great games on the iPhone already (I've been really enjoying Lexitron lately), what we really need is a good old-fashioned, both complex and charming RPG. Arcade games are fun and all, and they just keep getting better, but what the iPhone really needs is a sink-your-teeth-in fan...

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macDazzle: magic tricks for your Mac

I'll cop to being a magic trick geek. I'm no good at performing them, but I love the mechanisms, and used to try to create new tricks and presentations as a kid (and, OK, later in life as well). I'm surprised it's taken this long for there to be a software-based trick for the Mac, or at least, one t...

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