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A roundup of last week's TUAW app reviews

While last week was a slow one for app news and announcements, it gave your favorite TUAW writers a chance to post some great reviews of some of the more recent apps to grace their home screens. Here's a quick roundup of recent reviews -- and some year-end favorite app roundups -- you may have mis...

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Mental Killer is an iPhone magic trick that should throw your friends for a loop

I love a good trick, and it's been ages since I've reviewed any iPhone-based magic, so with the weekend coming up, here's a suggestion for something to keep your friends guessing. The trick is called Mental Killer, and it's just that. Basically, here's the effect: you place a note with a phone numbe...

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Slick card magic for your iPhone

I've enjoyed reviewing some of the clever magic tricks that are getting developed for the iPhone over the last year, and I want to be sure to point out Magic Card which is clever and will likely fool the uninitiated. Here's what the spectator sees: a person cuts the deck to select a card, which i...

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Missing Card trick will leave some mystified

Another day, another cool trick makes it to the iPhone/iPod touch. Today it's the Missing Card [App Store Link] for US $0.99. The effect is that a small group of picture cards are displayed on the iPhone. You are asked to think of one, but not indicate which one you have chosen, and no tapping on th...

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These tricks are treats

Over the last few months I've reviewed a few magic tricks (here and here) that work on the iPhone and iPod touch. They were quite diverting, and can help you bring some joy to the office and take people's minds off the layoffs and other bad economic news. Now, Magician Andrew Mayne has come up with ...

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Magic for your iPhone

The tricks just keep on comin' for the iPhone. Magicard [App Store link] is a good head scratcher that is always ready to perform. Have your assistant cut the cards a few times and select a card. (The method to do this is provided with a built-in tutorial video.) You keep the selected card face down...

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Even more magic tricks

Well, my earlier prediction turned out right. I said in my last review that more tricks would be on the way, and this afternoon 3 more hit my in box. Maybe there is something to magic after all. These three apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are from Instant Download Magic and Mentalism in the U.K....

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Pocket Magic for the iPhone

It seems to be a bull market in magic applications for the iPhone. Earlier this week I reviewed Magic Show, which performs a pretty neat trick you can play on your friends and office mates. Now, new in the app store we have Pocket Magic, [App Store link] which presents a 'mind reading' effect you ca...

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