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Video: Man creates real-time magnet position detection system using an iPhone

As smartphones have gotten smarter their insides have had to get smarter with them. Right now the iPhone in your pocket contains an accelerometer, magnetometer digital compass, gyroscope, microphone, proximity sensor, camera, GPS, and more. Ivo Leko is a developer who was inspired by the possibi...

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Old reel-to-reel tape played back with Square reader on iPod touch

At first glance, you wouldn't think a Square reader could substitute as a reel-to-reel player, but it does and Evan Long has a video to prove it. Before you start calling shenanigans, remember that the Square reader is nothing but a magnetic head designed to read the magnetic strip of a credit ...

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Magnus magnetic stand has a hold on your iPad 2

Sometimes the most simple accessories can be the most effective. When I received a tiny box from Ten One Design claiming to hold a stand that would support an iPad 2 in an upright position, I scoffed. But it turns out that the Magnus magnetic stand (US$49.95) really does work. The Magnus is a tiny ...

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Speck SmartShell iPad 2 companion case with magnetic strip enhances the Smart Cover

Today's Smart Cover-compatible iPad 2 backplate, the SmartShell, is courtesy of Palo Alto-based Speck and has a neat trick up its sleeve. Coverage Like many of the other backplate-type cases, the SmartShell covers the back and edges well. It has good sized cut outs for the ports, mic, butto...

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Maglus iPad stylus rendered for Fund.it, an Irish Kickstarter-like project

Considering the iPad 2 works just fine with just a finger for most people, I wouldn't have thought there was much of a mass-market for a capacitive stylus for use on the 9.7" tablet. But that hasn't stopped people trying, including a new Irish Kickstarter-like project called The Maglus. The M...

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Apple submits patent application for magnetic and sound-based peer-to-peer technology

A patent discovered by Patently Apple suggests that Apple may use a magnetic compass and supersonic tone technology to share data between your iPhone and other electronic devices. In this new peer-to-per communication system, a magnetic compass is used to monitor the magnetic signature of a com...

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Sticking with the Apple Remote

On that unboxing video we posted the other day (sorry about the ads-- point taken), it was noted that the Apple Remote no longer stuck to the side of the new iMac. Reader Sal emailed me this morning to point out that not only did his Remote not stick either, but apparently he rang up Apple, and the ...

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Thinkpad MagSafe Hack

I've long been of the opinion that Thinkpads are the PowerBooks of the PC world, and if not for the fact that they don't run OS X, I'd be very tempted to consider one when it came time to buy my next computer. Make points us to an enterprising Thinkpad owner who was having some trouble with a flaky ...

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Store your MacBook remote on your display

Jealous of the iMac's ability to magnetically store your Apple Remote for safe keeping? If you're a MacBook owner, a macosxhints reader discovered that you can toss that jealousy and join your iMac Remote-storin' brethren. Apparently, the top left of the MacBook's display is magnetic enough to supp...

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