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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 2: Some refrigerator magnets to take you back in time

Today is the second day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1 Day 2: iOS 6 fridge magnets, because you know you don't deserve iOS 7 It really would make sense if these 18 magnets, modeled after the iPhon...

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Modding the iPad 1 to work with the Smart Cover

If you saw the Smart Cover during that announcement a while back and have really wanted to use it with your iPad 1 instead of buying a whole new iPad 2, you may be in luck. One enterprising blogger named Dan Provost agreed with you, and he found that if you super glue a few rare-earth magnets t...

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iFixit tears down Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover

Tech bloggers love iFixit. The website always purchases and dismantles new devices as soon as they hit the market, primarily for the benefit of people who want to repair equipment or who are curious about the innards of the latest shiny toys. Analysts use their work to determine the manufacturi...

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Put your favorite apps on the fridge with app magnets

These are great -- a company called Jailbreak Toys (name unrelated -- I think) has apparently been selling a set of "App Magnets," little square magnets that feature icons for Apple's official iPhone apps. How cool -- I'd love to have a Photos, Safari, or an App Store icon to pin things up on the f...

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A "gaming shield" for the iPhone and 3G

I have a feeling people will probably love these or hate these, but personally, I like the fact that they look a little different than most iPhone cases out there. The folks at Element Cases sent us a note about their new "gaming shields" for the iPhone. If you're trying to make your iPhone look d...

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PSA: read your MacBook user manual

Given all the recent MacBook Pro drama of late, what with overheating issues and all, it might be a good idea to peruse your MacBook/MacBookPro owner's manual one of these days to make sure you've covered the basics, even if most of Apple's care recommendations are obvious these days. Gearlog found ...

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